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Tisa Schwa Animation


Tisa is the in-house editor and the literal voice of the Schwa logo. When she’s not busy making rough animations and compositing, she’s taking a couple of doctor shifts to keep her medical license in check. She loves rabbits and is an avid fan of the Monkey Island series and anything remotely piratey.


Cameron is a specialist in dialogue sequences (lip-sync, body language and gesticulation) but has a keen eye for the subtleties in all areas of character animation. He has experience in writing, storyboarding and character design. He's very nostalgic for the 2000s and eats too many jaffa cakes.

Cameron Schwa Animation
Damo Schwa Animation


Damo is our producer and an animator. When it comes to animating, he feels most comfortable doing cleanups, but he is also our go-to person when it comes to making sets and puppets for our stop motion projects (which might have something to do with his love for tabletop games). His interests also include Vikings, good food and doggos!


Prathik is a generalist animator and illustrator with a focus on character & effects animation. Coming from a multi-cultural background, he loves stories from different perspectives. He enjoys exploring different mediums with which to tell these stories too; everything from stop-motion-ketchup to paper-cutout fire effects. Aside from animation, you can find Prathik curled up with a good video-game!

Halli Schwa Animation


Halli is a generalist animator and illustrator that focuses on background and character design. He comes from the land of ice (Iceland) and favours nothing more than to be warm on a cold day with a pencil or a video game in hand.


Carla is a generalist animator and illustrator. She focuses on the roughs and tie-down animation, and is the studio vibe-checker. Coming all the way from the holiday-paradise-of-the-British-middle-class (also known as Spain), her speciality is working fast because she's not allowed to play the Sims until work is done.

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