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Commission Guide

Please read through these five steps on how to hire us to bring your vision to life!


1. Firstly, have a rough idea of the theme of the animation and its visual style.

It always helps if you can compile and provide visuals and reference material beforehand - every little thing helps! Moodboards, collages, Pinterest boards, animated clips, colour palettes are some examples of the things we’re looking for from a client. You could also point out bits from our showreel and other works to help define your idea. If you don’t have a clear idea, don’t fret, that’s what we’re here for! A few keywords, themes, and/or characters will help us help you develop your idea!

2. Then tell us all about it!

You can contact us via email or our social media, and we can use this to set up further meetings. This is where we can develop the idea with our creatives and discuss details such as the length of the animation, the style of animation, and the project timeline. All these factors affect the cost of the project.


3. Once all the details are laid out and approved, we move on to the pre-production stage.

We charge a small upfront fee - the pre-production stage is hard work! It involves writing up a script (if needed), drawing up some storyboards, and producing an animatic (which is a rough version of the film with placeholder audio), and designing characters. We like to keep in touch with our clients during this phase as it’s a lot easier to change things around, so a little back-and-forth feedback is encouraged!

4. Once pre-production is done, it’s time for the main course - the animation itself.

From there, it’s a steady march towards the finished product. We will keep you updated and provide previews of the progress during this stage too. If the project requires music, we can refer you to a few musicians and sound designers that we have successfully worked with in the past.


5. We will then send you the high-quality animation in the format of your choice without a watermark.

Then all that’s left is to grab some popcorn and sit back for the show (popcorn sold separately).

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us. We understand that every project is unique, and so, we tailor the rules to suit your individual project. We look forward to working with you! :)

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